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Cosmetic Surgery

BOTOX Charlotte -

Specialists in laser hair removal, Charlotte, NC at Radiance Medspa understand your needs for removing unwanted body or facial hair and the discomfort it encounters. Our staff provides you with a personal approach, evaluating your skin type and health status in order to make sure laser hair removal will bring you the results you desire.

Breast Augmentation San Jose -

After a breast augmentation, San Jose and Palo Alto patients of Dr. Robert Lowen are able to enjoy beautiful natural results as well as a rapid recovery time. Dr. Lowen achieves this goal by treating the breast tissues gently, using special techniques for cautery dissection and implants that are appropriately sized for his patientsÕ anatomy.

chirurgia plastica seno -

Italian website with general resources, tricks and tips, informations about plastic surgery, either for the body or for the face. Description of the most common techniques used by the professionals: lifting, laser surgery, liposuction, and so on.

Dallas Liposuction -

Dallas liposuction procedures are performed by Dr. Steven White at fully accredited surgery centers and hospital operating rooms. Dr. White only uses doctors (anesthesiologists) vs. nurses to administer anesthesia to maximize patient safety. To be convenient to his patients, he offers surgery at eight area hospitals and three surgery centers.

Dallas Plastic Surgeons -

When performing plastic surgery, Dallas physician, Dr. White makes sure his patients understand what the procedure involves. It is especially the case when a surgery such as otoplasty is performed on children. Parents will have to prepare their child for the operation and take some time off to assist their child in the recovery process.

Ophthalmology - Blepharoplasty - Cataract Surgery -

Ophthalmology, eye lid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and LASIK Vision Correction services are available in purpose-built medical facilities in New Zealand. Nova Medical Finance provides the necessary funding to access those services.

Plastic Surgery Toronto -

The Brampton Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic combines the safety level of a hospital with a much greater level of personalized care and privacy. It has been dedicated to cosmetic surgery and skin health for over ten years.